Financial Consumer Alert

As a guide to financial consumers, this section publishes some examples of materials that has inaccurate information about PIDM’s protection, or that wrongly represent that they, or the entity releasing the material, have been authorised by PIDM.

It is important to note these examples are not exhaustive, and are based on information received by PIDM at the time of publication. PIDM will update this page from time to time. The absence or removal of any material from this section shall not in any way be treated as an endorsement that the material is authorised by PIDM or contains accurate representations of PIDM’s protection. In case of doubt, please contact PIDM before acting upon any material that you may think looks suspicious.

Members of public are reminded to be alert to scams. Some entities may wrongly represent that their products are protected by PIDM or hold itself out to be a member institution of PIDM when they are not. Information about PIDM’s protection and the list of member institutions of PIDM are available at

Please contact or call 1800-88-1266 if you wish to check on the protection by PIDM or verify the membership status of an entity.