PIDM #SediaPayungKewangan Campaign draws more than 200K participants

Capped finale with Champion Mindset in financial resilience journey advice from Olympians

Kuala Lumpur, 1 November 2021: Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM)’s #SediaPayungKewangan finale event for the Financial Literacy Month 2021 featured our own Malaysian Olympians, Cheah Liek Hou and Farah Ann Abdul Hadi sharing their insights on how their athletic inspirational journey to become Champions can be applied in any personal financial resilience journey.

Farah Ann and Liek Hou, who represented Malaysia at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games respectively, got candid while engaging with fans and shared how the same determination and focus in sports to be prepared in life can be applied when it comes to money matters.

On the most important quality one needs to achieve financial resilience, Liek Hou revealed, “Similar to badminton, continuous learning and training is important. With what I now know about money, there are a few financial decisions I might have made differently. It’s also different when you’re planning for yourself versus when you’re planning for a family.”

When asked how she learned money management skills, artistic gymnast Farah Ann said, “As my strongest support, my parents influence my financial decisions a lot. They have my best interest at heart and I’m very lucky to be able to leverage on their knowledge and experience. Some people might think that I am still young and have plenty of opportunities, but building financial resilience takes time and it’s best to start when you’re young.”

PIDM’s #SediaPayungKewangan activities have piqued great interest. Since September, around 200,000 Malaysians from all walks of life have accessed and engaged with content specially developed for the campaign, including webinars, personal finance articles, a campaign video and a budget calculator.

PIDM Chief Executive Officer, Rafiz Azuan Abdullah stated that as a member of the Financial Education Network (FEN), PIDM has been engaging Malaysians with useful personal financial tips and tools through various channels.

“The #SediaPayungKewangan campaign was set out with this objective in mind – for our millennial target audience to be empowered with the right financial knowledge to get through significant life changes or events, and go beyond financial survival. It is important that we help them build their financial resilience now so that they are less adversely impacted when unexpected events happen,” said Rafiz.

In its aim to effect long-term change in financial management among Malaysians, PIDM has been actively educating the public, providing useful financial knowledge through a stable of activities which kicked off in May with the Chief BerUang series of videos. Chief BerUang is PIDM’s good financial management icon and has gained momentum on PIDM’s social media channels. As of 31 October 2021, three Chief BerUang videos have hit a cumulative 3.89 million views.

Since August, PIDM has also hosted four webinars featuring public figures such as Dr. Soo Wincci, Issey Fazlisham, Dahlia Shazwan, Awal Ashaari and Razif Hashim, who discussed their personal journeys and practical tips on building financial resilience.

Another engaging activity under the campaign is the PIDM FinFit (FinancialFitness) Challenge – a 21-day savings challenge where participants take part in daily challenges that can help them save or to kick-start better financial management habits over the long-term. Over 800 people have joined the PIDM FinFit Challenge Facebook Group.

“Positive peer support is a powerful ally to change and we are happy to see the encouragement and enthusiasm shown by our participants to help each other save better. With real people sharing tried and tested financial management tips, we hope Malaysians will be inspired to face their financial future head-on – by channeling their champion mindset,” added Rafiz.

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