The International Association of Deposit Insurers Held its 20th Anniversary International Conference

The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) held its 20th Anniversary International Conference on 6 - 7 September 2022 in hybrid format, in Basel, Switzerland, titled “Enhancing deposit insurance and promoting financial stability around the world: building on the past, preparing for the future…” with 260 participants from more than 75 institutions worldwide attending the event.



Providing the Opening Address, Mr Alejandro Lopez, Acting IADI President and Chair of the Executive Council (EXCO) and CEO of Seguro de Depósitos SA (Argentina), expressed his gratitude to the Membership, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) as well as the Associates and Partners for their support and contributions to IADI’s continued growth and success. Highlighting IADI’s achievements over the past two decades, he stated that the importance of deposit insurance and IADI in promoting global financial stability and IADI’s role around the world were well recognised by the international community. 

In his Keynote Address, Mr Luiz Awazu Pereira da Silva, BIS Deputy General Manager, reviewed how IADI had became one of the key global standard-setting bodies, actively collaborating with international financial institutions, including the BIS, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB). Touching on a variety of IADI‘s activities in areas such as research, technical assistance and training, and the review of the IADI Core Principles (CPs), he stated that these activities will keep IADI and the CPs up-to-date with regulatory and technological changes in the future.

In the Keynote Speech, Mr Martin Gruenberg, Acting Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Former IADI President and Chair of the EXCO said that: “IADI Members deserve a great deal of credit for their important contribution to global stability. It is truly a global association and an important source of strength and credibility in its role as standard setter for the world’s deposit insurance systems”. 

In Session I, Mr John Raymond LaBrosse, founding Secretary General, 2002-08, spoke about the very beginning of IADI, the challenges faced by the EXCO Chair J.P. Sabourin and Mr LaBrosse in starting  the Association and IADI’s early achievements in building up its membership and developing guidance on deposit insurance.

In Session II moderated by Mr David Walker, IADI Secretary General (SG), Mr Jean Pesme, Global Director, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation, the WB Group, Mr Fernando Restoy, Chair, Financial Stability Institute and Mr Marshall Bailey, Chair, UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme shared their views on current macro-economic challenges for financial stability, e-money, promoting trust, confidence and deposit insurer readiness for any financial crisis that may emerge. 

In Session III moderated by Ms Eloise Williams Dunkley, IADI Audit and Risk Council Committee Chairperson, Mr Patrick Déry, Superintendent, Solvency, AMF-Quebec, Canada, Mr Hidenori Mitsui, Governor, Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan, Mr Alfredo Pallini, Director General, Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi, Italy and Mr Mohamud Ahmed Mohamud, President and CEO, Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation  addressed their involvement in IADI’s development, the promotion of deposit insurance and adoption of resolution tools, and dealing with climate change, cybersecurity and other emerging risks.


In his Presentation, Mr Hyun Song Shin, Head of Research and Economic Advisor, BIS gave an overview of Central Bank Digital Currencies and crypto-assets, drawing lessons for the future monetary system and implications for deposits.

In Session IV moderated by Mr Marco Bodellini, IADI Advisory Panel member, Ms Eva Hüpkes, Head of Regulatory and Supervisory Policies, Financial Stability Board, Mr Jan Nolte, Senior Financial Sector Expert, IMF and Mr Danilo Palermo, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, the WB held a discussion on what to watch for in the years ahead. Topics included the need to improve payout speed, funding and crisis management and to keep an eye on the growth of non-banks. 

In Session V, Mr David Walker, together with Ms Kim Peeters White, Deputy SG, held a roundtable talk with former EXCO Chairs and former SGs (i.e. Mr Jerzy Pruski, former EXCO Chair, Mr Don Inscoe, former SG, Mr Carlos Isoard, former SG, Mr Gail Verley, former SG, Mr Katsunori Mikuniya, former EXCO Chair). The panelists shared their experiences in helping IADI grow and develop into a mature standard setter and provided advice for further strengthening IADI. 

In Session VI moderated by Mr Carlos Colao Osorio, Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos de Entidades de Crédito, Spain, with a view to sharing deposit insurance expertise with the world, Ms Karen Gibbons, IADI Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee Chairperson, Mr Tony Sinopole, IADI Capacity Building Technical Committee Chairperson and Ms Eugenia Alamillo, IADI Senior Training and Technical Assistance Advisor, Training and Capacity Building Unit presented their activities on training and technical assistance for Members. Also, Ms Yvonne Fan, IADI Core Principles and Research Council Committee Chairperson and Mr Bert Van Roosebeke, IADI Senior Policy and Research Advisor, Research Unit shared their latest activities and plans for developing deposit insurance policy and research projects and the review and updating of the IADI CPs.

Finally, Mr Alejandro Lopez closed the Conference by stating once again his sincere appreciation for the Membership and Partners, as well as the BIS as Host of the Association. 

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